Come Join Me At My New Blog!

by Katie on 20th May, 2014

Things have been a bit quiet around the old blog front lately, what with the last post being almost a month ago.  There’s a reason for this lack of attention, and looks little like this:

Wool Geek Screencap

I’ve started a new blog!  This one’s all about my knitting and crocheting adventures and will soon be including my sewing adventures.  Because I clearly didn’t have enough variety in my crafting until now…

Why start a new blog, though?  Well, I’ve been having so much fun with all of the things that I’ve been making that I’ve wanted to share all of it.  Even the process of making things.  Even the moment when all I have is a pair of knitting needles and some wool.  Plus, I’ve been having so much trawling through other people’s knitting and sewing blogs that it inspired me to make the leap to a brand new blog with a brand new focus.

It’s definitely the right move because I can’t seem to stop coming up with ideas for blog posts on Wool Geek.  At this point, I have ten posts sitting in my drafts folder for Wool Geek and I can’t wait to take photos for them and write them up.  Compare that to this blog, where I’ve only managed to write ten posts for the entire year.

So if you’d like to join along with my (much more frequently updated) crafty adventures, Wool Geek is the place to go.  At the moment, I’m focussed on personal projects and adventures, but I have plans to change all of that in the future.  It’s going to be so much fun and I’m ridiculously excited about its potential.

Have a look and let me know what you think.  And if you’d like to follow along, you can add me to your feed reader.

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Underground Invaders

by Katie on 27th April, 2014

A whole bunch of stowaways seem to have invaded the latest supply of mulch at my work.  Seriously, it seems as though every day I walk through the gates, there’s a strange new batch of fungi for me to photograph.  And I generally have to do it right there and then, too, because they’ll either be dead or cleared away by the time I’m walking out on my eager way home.

Here’s a glimpse at what I’ve been seeing for the past week or so.

Twin Toadstools
Row of Fungi
The UndersideIt was so considerate of that paricular fungi to grow on that angle, perfectly arranged for my photograph.

Delicate WhiteThose delicate fungi were completely gone the next day, shrivelled up and hidden amidst the mulch itself.

The old blog has been a bit quiet lately, although it’s not because I have nothing to say or a lack of photos to post.  I’m not about to give up blogging but I am considering the direction in which I want to take things and all I will say is Watch This Space.  Things will be happening soon.


Thumbnail image for The Stripes Make It Warmer

The Stripes Make It Warmer

5th Apr, 2014

My third pair of socks features something new: stripes!

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Thumbnail image for Dusk in Merimbula

Dusk in Merimbula

31st Mar, 2014

When the Failboats when on a delayed New Years trip to Merimbula, I took a few photos. Here’s one of them.

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