The Stripes Make It Warmer

by Katie on 5th April, 2014

The other day, I pulled on my second pair of handmade socks and realised something very important: I need to make more socks.  Many more socks.

So I set about doing just that.  In the space of a week, I have turned one ball of somewhat brightly-coloured wool into a lovely warm sock (which, alas, has been rendered irrelevant by a sudden pocket of warm weather).  It all went down a little like this:

Evolution of a Sock

Socks are brilliant things to make as they require very little attention apart from a couple of pivotal points.  And they’re such satisfying items of clothing to create.  There are few things as good as pulling on a pair of cosy warm socks that you made yourself.

The second sock is well under way now, so all I need is for the weather to turn cold and I will have the brightest feet around.

See these socks on Ravelry.


Dusk in Merimbula

by Katie on 31st March, 2014

Lonely boat

After an outrageously delicious meal at the Mexican restaurant in Merimbula, Clare and I took the slightly longer, more rambly path back to our accommodation while the rest of the Failboats chose a more direct route.  They missed out on some gorgeous scenery, though, including a man randomly deciding to wade across the bay.

Not pictured: thousands of oyster farms.


Thumbnail image for Friday Fish & Chips

Friday Fish & Chips

28th Mar, 2014

Why is it that whenever we find a great fish & chip shop, it’s miles away from home?

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That Cat

26th Mar, 2014

When it comes to photography, one of my cats is a natural. The other is still working out how to stay still for longer than two seconds.

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